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Solutions for all your ship repair works.

SLE provides repair facilities to ships and drilling rigs, in dry dock as well as in floating condition. Our range of repair services include Hull repairs, electrical, air conditioning, refrigeration, engines (overhauls and replacement), piping and deck repair works.

SLE has an excellent team of highly qualified personnel and also has workshops near Mumbai and related facilities which are equipped to undertake ship and jack-up rig repairs. SLE is registered with Director General for Shipping and has a license for Dry Dock repairs at Mumbai Port Trust.

Services pertaining to Ship Repair include:

Floating/Dry Dock and in-situ emergency repairs Underwater repairs and maintenance, including underwater cleaning of Propellers Hull painting, plating, piping and structural repairs and replacement Engine repairs/overhauls and replacement Electrical, Electronic and Hydraulic systems repairs

For Jack-up Rigs we cover the following activities:

Under water repair of rigs without dry docking using coffer dams or semi submersible heavy lift barges Repairs to spud can and legs as well as to shock pads and coamings replacements Repairs and refurbishment of accommodation quarters Repair/ Replacement of shale shaker, leg bracings, jacking unit, raw water tower and high pressure piping

We also provide following services in Ship Repair.

Steel Renewal - All type of fabrication. Fabrication & repair of Kort Nozzle. Fabrication of Rudder/Rudder stock. Overhauling. Rudder/Rudder Stock with-drawl/Refitting/Reconditioning. Installation of Fire Fighting system. Windlass Repair/All Types of winches repair. Propellers Jobs/Reconditioning. Derrick Repair. Tail end shaft Jobs/Reconditioning. Engine Gear box overhauling. Hydraulic system overhauling. Hydraulic pipeline renewal. Pipeline renewal. Steel renewal. All types of Pump repair/renewal of parts. All types of valve overhauling/reconditioning. All types of Heat Exchanger repair/renewal. All types of condenser repair/renewal. Anodes supply and refitting. Anchors Repair. Tyre Fender renewal/repair. Boiler Repair.